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What they say about us

Everyone likes a compliment, don’t they? Here are just a few of ours from clients and the media:

“Always enjoy working with the MUSTARD PR guys. Trusting the PRs you work with to bring you interesting stories makes life as a journalist easier and I know when Andrew and the team get in touch it's worth opening that email or answering that call.”

Andy Halls, The Sun

“I go to lots of different events throughout the year but there's none I look forward to as much compared with MUSTARD PR's Fifa nights. To get a bunch of journalists in one room and them actually have fun is a tough thing to do but the MUSTARD guys nail it every single time.”

Dave Lee, BBC

“I've worked closely with the team at MUSTARD for over 3-years now and I trust them implicitly to hit me with relevant products and news that will be a great fit for the magazine and online. Working with the team at MUSTARD PR is refreshing and, well, just easy.”

David Hayward, Micro Mart and Trusted Reviews

“MUSTARD is the hot dog of consumer tech PR. The thing I most like is that the staff talks to us on our level – they’re knowledgeable and keen. They are extremely cool, unlike mustard, which can be a little spicy.”

Rik Henderson, Pocket-lint

“The Fifa events MUSTARD PR run are legendary. Guaranteed to have a great night, play some Fifa and hear about some of the cool clients MUSTARD PR work with.”

Lee Stobbs, GQ

“Passionate about tech and in the know when it comes to what gets us excited – the team at MUSTARD PR are not just a pleasure to work with when it comes to PR, they’re all round good guys too.”

James Robertson, national and lifestyle freelancer

“Andrew, as the president of MUSTARD PR, has been a fantastic leader for driving Vuzix needs in the technology markets from consumer electronics to the industrial and education sectors. We chose MUSTARD after a comprehensive search and after three years of service (actually it has felt more like a partnership) we are more than satisfied and feel that what they offered going in was confirmed by the reality of their work product.”

Paul Travers, CEO, Vuzix

“Andrew and team are good PR and Marketing strategic thinkers which deliver results. A* on both counts!”

Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures

“I hired Andrew and the team @MUSTARD PR, following a recommendation. The results they have and continue to achieve have been nothing short of spectacular. Their understanding of how the International media works, which buttons to press and when ensure they deliver results time and time again. Proactive, results-focused and a joy to work with best sums up MUSTARD PR.”

Ramin G. Farr. founder, VERSUS.IO

“We're very happy to see the attention MUSTARD has created for Proximitips - to be in the top 25 apps in the App Store within a week of launching with very little marketing is a fantastic result.”

Stefano Diemmi, Managing Director, Buongiorno Digital

“MUSTARD PR launched our app gaining widespread international broadcast, broadsheet, tech gadget and consumer coverage. Knowledgeable and well connected the MUSTARD PR team come highly recommended.”

Guy Rosen, Co-Founder and CEO, Onavo

“The coverage MUSTARD PR has achieved for us is seriously impressive. Their tactical approach has helped to officially launch our service across Europe. Interest in us has quite literally exploded.”

Joram Felbert, Co-Founder & COO, Movellas

“MUSTARD PR are true professionals who consistently deliver. The coverage they’ve delivered has exceeded our expectations by far. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MUSTARD PR – that’s if you want solid advise, great contacts and superb results.”

Christoph Burbes, Head of Marketing, madvertise

“MUSTARD PR worked hard to understand my business and put together a plan that made sense based on the budget we had.”

Joel Brazil, Managing Director of and ex-head of Microsoft Mobile UK

“I’ve been known to describe Andrew Durkin as the ‘acceptable face of PR’, in a space often populated by robots and – frankly – well-meaning idiots. He’s neither of these things. And he once leant me a camera that had pictures of his wife on it. So he’s not just a good PR guy, he’s also very trusting – she was fully clothed BTW”

Tim Green, former Executive Editor – Mobile Entertainment and founder of Mobile Money Revolution




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If you are considering hiring a PR consultancy or would just like an informal and confidential conversation please email or call Andrew Durkin on +44 (0)1753 656661.

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